Comic Relief Fun!

Comic Relief Fun!

This Friday, The Dash Charity will be celebrating all things Comic Relief across it’s staff team and refuge families. The Dash Charity have received funding for an essential member of the Children’s Services team for five years from Comic Relief, with another year pledged so there’s a lot to be happy about!


The charity has received a new ‘Red Plaque’ in recognition of it’s Comic Relief funding which will be put up in the charity offices on Friday.

The funding from Comic Relief supports a staff member to deliver one-to-one and direct work with children and young people affected by domestic abuse. Helping them understand that this is not their fault.

The Dash Charity is one of 16,800 UK projects who have received funding from Comic Relief since the charity began in 1988.

Round and red to echo Comic Relief’s iconic Red Nose, the plaque features a quote from one of Comic Relief’s supporters, Billy Connelly.

Sharon Ballantyne, Children’s Services Manager at The Dash Charity said: “Within the local area, this funding ensures we can offer a much needed service to help any child affected by domestic abuse. By having the length of funding offered we are able to extend our reach to also support professionals on how to better support children and ensure quality intervention.”