mission & aims

The Dash Charity recognise that women constitute the vast majority of victims of domestic abuse. Domestic abuse is a violation of women and their children’s human rights. It is the result of an abuse of power and control, and is rooted in the historical status and inequality of women in society. We believe that everyone has the right to live lives which are free from violence and abuse and as such provide a range of specialist support options for anyone experiencing domestic abuse and its consequences.

our vision

To create a world where domestic abuse has been eliminated forever.

our mission

To relieve the distress and suffering of anyone (including children) who have suffered, are at risk of suffering or are exposed to domestic abuse.

To ensure the causes, consequences and means of addressing domestic abuse are recognised and understood by the public, civil society and the government.

our aims

  • To provide women, men and children with temporary emergency crisis accommodation, advocacy and outreach services, mental health support, resettlement support and specialist children and young people’s services.
  • To provide a professional and confidential service whilst maintaining professional boundaries and empowering those who are surviving domestic abuse so they can make their own decisions.
  • To offer, where possible, unconditional support for those who have experienced domestic abuse.
  • To deliver effective solutions, provide innovative approaches and maximise our social impact.
  • To be recognised as a safe, reliable and high quality provider wherever we provide services.
  • To sustain our role as a key professional organisation that develops and delivers exemplary practices and that is referred to by essential state and voluntary sector agencies.
  • To raise awareness of domestic abuse through training and campaign initiatives to ensure the community have an improved understanding of, and a decreased tolerance to Domestic Abuse.
  • To raise and manage sufficient income to be able to continue to provide services.
  • To support and develop an appropriately qualified, trained and experienced body of paid and unpaid staff in order to fulfil our mission with the kind of quality and consistency for which we would like to be known and respected.