what we do

our services

The Dash Charity has been supporting victims of domestic abuse since 1976 through a variety of ways; we started out back then as East Berkshire Women’s Aid and then Berkshire East & South Bucks Women’s Aid before rebranding earlier this year to The Dash Charity.

We manage three refuges that can accommodate up to 14 families at anyone time. In our refuges, families receive intensive tailor made support and safety plans, and can stay with us from several months to a whole year. Uniquely, each resident will also be assessed by our Mental Health Specialist, who will provide treatment plans and ensure that they are referred to any specialist clinical services.

We also run an award winning Advocacy and Outreach Service which we set up in 2008 to support victims of domestic abuse within the local community. Our Advocacy and Outreach Team focus on ensuring that victims of domestic abuse, and any of their dependent children, are able to access the support that they need and that they are safe while living in the community. Through this service we can refer any children of the victim to our Children’s Services Team.

In 2009 we extended our reach to male victims of domestic abuse, providing them with Advocacy and Outreach Services as well as refuge accommodation from 2012.

our reach

  • Advocacy and Outreach Services supported 1033 clients.
  • Children’s Services reached out to 185 children and young people through one to one work, 3374 children and young people through the healthy relationships workshop and ran 126 group work programmes.
  • Refuge Services have supported 28 women and 8 men including 37 children.
  • Our Mental Health Service has completed 33 assessments, provided therapy to 22 clients and consulted on 421 clients through clinical supervision (individual and group).
  • We have supported 76 women through our Freedom Programme.
  • 2018 Community Awareness talks have taken place.
  • We have trained 775 professionals about domestic abuse.
  • Our Helpline has received on average 6 crisis calls a day (immediate support) and 73 calls into service departments.

Our innovative Children’s Services Team which we set up in 2009 and reaches out to children and young people through a variety of creative ways including group work, workshops, schools projects and one to one support. The team works in collaboration with both the Refuge Service and our Advocacy and Outreach Service ensuring that we reach the children and young people that need us most.

Our Freedom Programme supports clients through a group process to recognise domestic abuse. While this service is for women only, we believe that it has a lasting impact on families as a whole as mothers are better able to spot the signs of and understand domestic abuse, and as a result are equipped with the knowledge and awareness that they need to protect themselves and their children from these harmful relationships in the future. More recently we created the Freedom Plus group to help women move on after an abusive relationship with the focus on confidence building, learning new skills and exploring new possibilities.

Finally, as part of an intervention approach we are committed to training our multi agency partners to feel confident in providing a response to clients they come across in their day to day work. We work to ensure that Domestic Abuse remains high profile in the community.

networks and partnership working

Our network is extensive and enables our charity to grow and develop while showcasing its valuable work at the same time. Our reach is community wide and we use a number of methods to network and communicate.

Locally, we sit on our council’s Safeguarding Boards for children and adults as well as social care forums for case work and best practice. Some of these include:

  • Adults Safeguarding Board
  • Children’s Safeguarding Board
  • Early Intervention Panel
  • Domestic Abuse Forum
  • Specialist Domestic Violence Court Operational Group
  • Thames Valley Domestic Abuse Strategic Group
  • Police Foundation Consultation Group
  • Brunel University Board of Studies
  • Victims Association – Thames Valley