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Feature: Metropolitan police Officer Jailed After Being Found Guilty of Seven Counts of Rape

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PC Michael Graham, 49, was last week found guilty of seven counts of rape and one count of sexual assault involving the strangulation of a client of a local resident. He has been sentenced to 16 years imprisonment for the offences which took place over a nine month period between December 2013 and September 2014.

Initially, the victim, in her 30’s, was reluctant to contact police having been told by Graham “I am a police officer; I can do what I want. I’ll tell people you’re mad”. She has been supported by two Independent Domestic Violence Advisors (IDVAs) at The Dash Charity since August 2015, who assisted with preparing her in the lead up to court proceedings. Her bravery and strength of character and were instrumental in securing this merited result. The Dash Charity also worked in conjunction with Thames Valley Police to ensure stringent safety measures were put into place.

The victim recorded two separate sex attacks, which occurred in Uxbridge, using a sleep monitoring application on her iPhone. The Jury found the recording, which contained threats to kill, so distressing that it prompted a time-out in proceedings. Delivering evidence from behind a screen, the victim said she has been left to feel “Absolutely humiliated and disgusted”. She is now working in conjunction with The Dash Charity IDVAs to come to terms with the sentencing and look forward to the future.

Graham, who was suspended from the Metropolitan Police Service upon his arrest last October, will now be fired and recorded on the Sexual Offenders’ Register for life.

Speaking about her journey, the victim said “I am very grateful for the incredible support I received from The Dash Charity and my IDVAs. I was able to call them any time when I felt low, to ask for advice or just to speak to someone for reassurance even after the court case had closed. There are no words to describe how valuable this service was to me, without it I don’t think I would have continued with the court proceedings. I never felt rushed or judged and I always felt completely believed. They empowered me to carry on”.

“We are so pleased with the sentence and feel that justice has truly been served.” said The Dash Charity IDVA who supported Graham’s victim, “While 16 years will never take away from what he did to her, it is a fantastic result that will allow our client to start rebuilding without having to live in fear”.

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