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Feature: Progress in Pictures

Children’s Services
We’d like to share with you some incredible progress made by one of the young participants in our PICADA Program.

PICADA SocMed graphic

The image on the left was drawn in the first one-on-one session and reads “I don’t want to see atta never”. The child was incredibly traumatized and drew a house to show where the hurting happened. The lines he drew across the house were nails – “to protect me and my mum so Atta can’t come hurt us”.

The second image, drawn four months later, reads “good memories” and shows the difference the program has made to his life.

This is a letter from a young girl to her father which demonstrates the impact of early intervention. The child is 10 years old, and penned this during her 6th session with our Child Services team. She is now able to name her father’s harmful behavior by using the words abuse and abusive – this will allow her to recognize it if it appears in her future relationships and reduces her chances of becoming a victim when she’s older, breaking the cycle of violence.

MM Letter

To: Dad
I am saying goodbye because: you let me down by not being there to support me when I needed you, especially when I had my heart checked you fell asleep which really upset me.
Saying goodbye makes me feel: which is upset, happy because there is peace, confused crying, a mixture of both.
I remember when we: went holiday to Dubai and Hong Kong you took us to the water park you played with us.
You taught me: shoe laces and fear but you also taught me sorrow in family. Abuse is right emotional blackmail.
Something I want you to know is: Why did you drink? Why didn’t you care for me? Why were you abusive? Are you going to change?
I will always remember: How abusive you were. Your drinking and hitting. You have affected my childhood.
PS I never felt loved or respected. I don’t love or respect you.

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