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Feature: Support Our Helpline Crowdfunding Campaign

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We’ve teamed up with our friends at to set up a Crowdfunding campaign to support our helpline.

Did you know that a victim is likely to experience 35 incidents of domestic abuse before they reach out for support? If they are unsuccessful in speaking with somebody or have a negative first experience when reaching out for support, they will be unlikely to try again; instead remaining trapped in the vicious cycle of abuse.

We provide confidential advice and support services to women, men and children whose lives have been affected by domestic abuse, and it all begins with our helpline.

Due to the closure of local agencies, a recent capacity crisis has seen our caseload skyrocket and our helpline hours drastically reduced, which means that victims of abuse may not be getting through to somebody when they pick up the phone for help.

With your support, The Dash Charity will be able to sustain the helpline’s full operational hours, and ensure that we are making contact with each and every victim who reaches out to us for support.

Please make a donation today and help us meet the needs of the victims who have very bravely taken the first step in ending the cycle of abuse by calling The Dash Charity. The campaign will be running until the end of August an donations can be made via Chuffed.

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