Honour Based Abuse

Honour based abuse (HBA) is any act of violence, predominately against women and girls, which is committed by family or community member(s) in order to defend their perceived honour.

—HBA is a reaction to what is perceived as immoral behaviour that brings shame/izzat/namous/sharaf on the family or community.

Threats of HBA should always be taken seriously - we ALWAYS take them seriously. Our team are experienced in supporting victims of HBA and understand the risk and complexities of this type of abuse.

If you believe you may be at risk of HBA or think you know someone who is please call our confidential helpline on: 01753 549865.

Forced Marriage

Being forced into a marriage against your will or agreeing to it because you feel under pressure to say 'yes' is a crime in the UK. Arranging a marriage for someone against their will is also a crime.

If you are worried you might be forced into a marriage against your will or are worried about someone else, particularly if there are plans being made to take them abroad, please seek advice NOW.

Call our helpline on: 01753 549865. Our team can speak to you in your preferred language and are team are experienced in supporting victims of forced marriage and Honour Based Abuse.

There is NO honour in abuse, there is no religion that condones or permits domestic abuse. We will not pressure you or force you to make any decisions you are to ready to make, but we can make you safer , so please seek help now. We ALWAYS take threats to harm seriously and can help.

You can also seek help and advice from: Forced Marriage Unit or call their helpline on: 

 +44 (0) 20 7008 0151

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