get involved by volunteering

Firstly we’d like to extend a huge thanks to everyone who volunteers at our charity. All of you make such a difference and we couldn’t do our work without you! For those of you thinking about volunteering please go for it! We value every one of our volunteers and provide great training opportunities to develop roles. Furthermore, 50 % of our current workforce is made up from staff who started as volunteers or students.

We also offer social work placements to budding social workers. We value their input and learning as well as providing them with valuable social work experience.

why volunteer

To feel good. I’ve learnt new skills including how to interact with other volunteers and customers and although it sounds silly, but for my ideas to be listened to and implemented by the lovely management makes me feel good.- current volunteer

volunteering opportunities are on offer:

  • Support or run a fundraising event
  • Help us raise awareness of domestic abuse at community events
  • Help support our team with administration
  • Provide professional services e.g Mentoring

get in touch to get involved

To find out more about volunteering or any current opportunities, please contact Elaine Temple, our Volunteer Coordinator at  elaine@thedashcharity.org.uk or on 01753 549865