Please Note: We are currently following Government guidelines related to community events and  Covid-19, so watch this space for more info!

Community Events

As a charity, events held in the community are very important to us as they help in the support of our organisation in a multitude of ways. 

Events are a way for us to connect with the local community and promote the range of work that we do. While the events we hold are intended to be fun and enjoyable, we also try our best to make them highly informative. We like to think that these events provide members of our community with information that they may never have discovered otherwise.

Our events raise awareness of domestic abuse and other sensitive topics that get people talking. Domestic abuse is often a topic that people shy away from but we aim to create room for conversation and hopefully accountability too. Holding events also aids in raising our profile, so that when people need our help, they know exactly where to find us. 

We are interested in being a part of a diverse range of events, anything from market days to Oktoberfest! We have been known to participate in a diverse range of fundraising events – everything from market days, music concerts to Oktoberfest and race days! 

If you have a fundraising idea, contact the Fundraising Team at

Fundraising Through Hosting Events

Community events mean we can raise funds through entrance fees, donations and profits from selling various items. 

Fundraising through community events allows us to cover the things that grants, and Trust funding does not. Charities encounter many miscellaneous expenses and unexpected costs throughout the year. We use the funds raised by our events to buy a wide range of items such as emergency mobiles for a victims at risk, birthday presents for a child in our safe house or outings during school holidays to help our children just be children again. The list goes on and on!

You can rest assured that all money raised in events goes to good use, whether it is used to support clients directly or indirectly it all goes towards helping some of the most vulnerable people in our local community and is much appreciated by all at Dash Charity.

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Please feel free to contact us should you need any further assistance or have any questions for our team. If you know of anyone in need:
Our Helpline Is Available - 01753 549865
24hr National Domestic Violence Helpline: 0808 2000247