Women from BAMER (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic and Refugee) communities can often experience particular forms of abuse. At The Dash Charity, our Independent Domestic Violence Advocates have experience in dealing with BAMER abuse and are both knowledgeable and sensitive towards related situations.” To “Women from BAMER (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic and Refugee) communities can often experience particular forms of abuse.

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Honour Based Abuse

Honour based abuse (HBA) is an act of violence, predominantly against women and girls, which is committed by family or community member(s) to defend their perceived honour.

HBA is a reaction to what is perceived as immoral behaviour that brings shame/izzat/namous/sharaf on the family or community.

Threats of HBA should always be taken seriously, and our team at The Dash Charity ALWAYS takes them seriously. Our professional team is experienced in supporting victims of HBA and understands the risk and complexities of this type of abuse. Please realise that HBA, or violence of any kind, is not okay and that no one should have to go through it. 

If you believe you may be at risk of HBA or think you know someone who is, please call our confidential helpline on: 01753 549865.

Forced Marriage

While forced marriages may seem like a thing of the past, they are still widespread occurrences throughout the UK, and especially in BAMER communities.

Being forced into a marriage against your will because you feel under pressure to agree to it is a crime in the UK. Arranging a marriage for someone against their will is also a crime.

If you are worried you might be forced into a marriage against your will or are worried about someone else, mainly if plans are being made to take them abroad, please seek advice NOW.

We will be able to communicate with you in your preferred language and our team are experienced in supporting those subject to forced marriage and Honour Based Abuse. We can help you strategize a plan forward and help you understand your rights in complex situations.

There is NO honour in abuse; there is no religion that condones or permits domestic abuse. We will not pressure you or force you to make any decisions that you are not ready to make, but we can ensure that you are set on a safe path, so please seek help now. 

We ALWAYS take threats to harm seriously, and our team is here to help.

You can also seek help and advice from the Forced Marriage Unit or call their helpline on:

+44 (0) 20 7008 0151

Immigration Status

If you are dependent on your spouse to stay in the UK legally, then you may find yourself in a vulnerable position. You may find it difficult to leave an abusive or dangerous situation, for fear of having nowhere to go. If your immigration status has not been secured, you may be unsure which services you can access.

No matter what your immigration status is, if you are residing in our local community and are in an abusive situation, please call our helpline on: 01753 549865.

Slough Immigration Aid Unit number: 01753 246730

We can help!

Please feel free to contact us should you need any further assistance or have any questions for our team. If you know of anyone in need:
Our Helpline Is Available - 01753 549865
24hr National Domestic Violence Helpline: 0808 2000247

How We Can Help

Our Advocacy and Outreach team provide specialist advice and guidance to local people suffering any kind of abuse at the hands of a partner, ex-partner or family member. Our Independent Domestic Violence Advocates (IDVAs) and Outreach workers are professionally trained to support families whatever their circumstances and work alongside them to find a pathway to safety.  

Our IDVA will keep in regular contact with you –  they will help you if things become overwhelming, they can be your voice when you find it a challenge to be heard and they will help you move towards a safer future. You will not be judged, blamed or dismissed. We are here to help.

Our IDVAs understand the complexities of abusive behaviour as well as the many systems and processes that victims of domestic abuse have to negotiate. They will develop a personal plan of support unique to the circumstances of each individual family which can include:

‘When I left my husband, I got call after call from the police, solicitors, social workers, the school. It was confusing and exhausting, I didn’t understand my rights or options and sometimes it all felt too much. My IDVA was an ally, walking alongside me step by step through meetings, appointments and my court case. She had no agenda – it was all about me, my children and our safety’

If you are a professional and would like to make a referral for someone living within the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead or South Buckinghamshire, please press the button below. Referrals will be processed and clients contacted within 48 hours.