Guard your privacy

You may not want other people to know that you are browsing this website. To protect your privacy and safety we recommend that you read and follow these steps.

Browse in a private space

The safest way to browse this website is in a private space where you cannot be overlooked.

Use a private browsing window

All popular browsers offer the ability to browse privately. This means that your browsing history will not be saved and no cookies will be set. Here are instructions for how to do this in Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Edge.

Open another website

Have another tab or window open in the background that would be very normal for you to be visiting. This could be BBC news, Amazon or anything you choose. If your privacy is compromised you can quickly revert to this site.

Quickly close your browser window

In the event that you suddenly need to close your browser window it’s useful to know the keyboard shortcuts. These are Command-W on a mac or Control-W on a PC. Why not try it now with a blank window.