Conversation Cards

Conversation Cards

Our Conversation Starter cards are now in stock in Craft Coop Maidenhead!

You can also download the App via App Store (Conversations with Kids cards). If you are in London, they are also on sale in the National Theatre!

Thanks to Deborah and Craft Coop, they are now on the shelves and ready for you to buy.

Our conversation starter cards help raise funds towards Dash services through each purchase. £5.50 goes to The Dash Charity and £2.50 goes straight back into production costs.

Use them to open up conversations with your family or with children/young people you are working with – do you know what they really think about social issues?

  • Is it ok for boys to cry?
  • Who is their favourite hero in a film?
  • If they had to pick between 2 careers, what would they be – a doctor or a lawyer?
  • What do animals talk about?

Check out our Fundraising page for details on how to buy through our website.