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Did you know that through the simple act of shopping for items that you need and want online; you can support The Dash Charity?

The platform we use to do this is called ‘Easy Fundraising’. Shopping with is one of the simplest ways to raise funds for charities that you care about!

Support us by shopping online and donate easily before you buy. It takes just a click of a button and doesn’t cost you a single penny!

How Easy Fundraising Works

Easy Fundraising could not be simpler. The best way to use this platform is to set up the app, which is easy to use, on your mobile device, tablet or desktop. There is even a reminder setting to make sure that you never forget to donate when shopping online!

This makes fundraising stress-free and convenient for supporters. There are many other charities to choose from, so you can support an array of charities that are close to your heart just doing something that you do a few times a week anyway.

Without downloading the app, you can always just click on the link provided before you shop. You should be pleased to know that there are over 3000 retailers registered, and you’ll find everything from Groupon, Sky, eBay, Tesco, Apple and Amazon to hotel and holiday websites, insurance, retail and restaurants. This truly is the future of fundraising as we know it.

At present, we are greatly appreciative to have our existing supporters (over 60!) shopping and supporting us with just the click of a button. Join them today!

Help The Vulnerable Within Your Community By Shopping For Us

Each time you shop on one of the affiliated websites with Easy Fundraising, you have the opportunity to donate to The Dash Charity. We currently have over 60 shoppers that support us through their online shopping. The funds raised by Easy Fundraising goes toward a variety of needs within The Dash Charity. There are many things that trust funding does not cover, and when you shop for us you allow us to help victims of abuse with their basic needs, assist children in difficult situations and help them create happy childhood memories. We can assure you that these funds are spent in the best ways possible.

Amazon Smile

Go through Amazon Smile before you shop on Amazon and choose The Dash Charity and we will receive an automatic donation when you shop online. What could be easier?! Click and donate – simple! 

All help is deeply appreciated by The Dash Charity team!

Please feel free to contact us should you need any further assistance or have any questions for our team. If you know of anyone in need, Our Helpline Is Available - 01753 549865
24hr National Domestic Violence Helpline: 0808 2000247

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