Dash Communi-tea Appeal: helping safer lives start over every cup

Dash Communi-tea Appeal: helping safer lives start over every cup

This winter, with the cost of that first cuppa, you can make sure domestic abuse victims get the help they need.

For many people, support with domestic abuse begins in the safe space of a public coffee shop, with one of our trained advocates, being listened to and believed.

Public spaces make a discreet option for both victim and IDVA (Independent Domestic Violence Advocate) to meet, where it can feel more comfortable to open up to someone.

So, this winter, we’re asking our Dash community to help us serve up support with every cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate. Last winter, our IDVAs and outreach workers supported more than 150 clients between October and March. With your help, we can make sure everyone gets our support who needs it, starting with the cost of a cuppa.

We know that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 5 children will be affected by domestic abuse in their lifetimes; Dash receives nearly 1,000 referrals and enquiries for support every year and there were 56,000 reported incidents of domestic abuse to Thames Valley Police in the last 12 months; it’s likely to be the tip of the iceberg, yet numbers continue to rise year-on-year.

Donate £5 to the Dash Communi-Tea Appeal and your money funds much more than a hot drink. It fuels specialist advice and guidance to local people suffering any kind of abuse at the hands of a partner, ex-partner or family member. Our IDVAs and outreach workers are professionally trained to support families, whatever their circumstances and work alongside them to find a practical pathway to safety.

Buying a brew begins specialist support to adults and children experiencing mental health issues, modern slavery, immigration, trafficking, homelessness and complex needs associated with domestic abuse, empowering them to live a life beyond crisis and ensuring their voices are heard.

A hot beverage helps our survivors access free legal help, obtain injunctions, arrange for them to have screens and video-links if giving evidence at court and we will support them on the day.

That first cappuccino means we can keep speaking up for people and advocating on their behalf with housing teams, police, social care. We can provide safety devices to help our survivors feel safer in their own home and help source donations of anything they need to make their life a little easier or a little brighter whilst they are trying to stay safe.

To make a one-off or regular donation to The Dash Communi-tea Winter appeal, visit our JustGiving page here.