Schools And Youth Groups

Schools and youth groups within our local community have been an incredible source of support for our fundraising endeavours. We are highly appreciative of all the schools and youth groups who have come up with amazing ideas and to those that have hosted fun and successful events.

If you’re interested in hosting an event or fundraising for us through your school or youth group, there are so many ways that you can get involved and we would be more than excited to hear your ideas! Each event that is hosted assists us in raising funds for those who need it most.

The Dash Charity is fully registered with the Fundraising Regulator.

Fundraising In Schools And Youth Groups

Fundraising in schools can be loads of fun and is a great way to start conversations with children and young people about healthy/unhealthy relationships and how to keep themselves safe.

With 1 in 5 children experiencing domestic abuse, schools and youth groups have a valuable opportunity to raise awareness of an important issue, whilst raising funds in enjoyable ways.

Some past successful fundraising events in schools and youth groups have included mufti days, White Ribbon sales, making up children’s activity packs , cake sales (what child doesn’t love cake?!). These are all ways to help us raise awareness and raise funds to help sustain our Schools Prevention workshop programme.

If you are involved with a local Scouts, Brownies, Rotarians or community group and would like us to come along and tell you more about our work and how you can help, please get in touch with us and  Email Eleanor, our Schools Prevention Worker

For further information Download our Schools Fundraising Brochure

Help The Vulnerable Within Your Community Through Fundraising At Schools And Youth Groups

The money raised at fundraisers hosted by schools and youth groups goes straight into our Schools Prevention program, which is a program aimed at teaching children about healthy and unhealthy relationships, as well as, providing young people with the practical skills to navigate life’s many challenges.

The work we do in this program is very important in addressing certain stigmas and ensuring that our younger generation is well informed.

Donation Stations

If you would like a donation station at your school, youth group or youth club counter please let us know!

For further enquiries please email Julie from our Finance Team.

Your help is always appreciated!

Ready to Fundraise At Your School Or Youth Group?

If you have a marvellous idea for a fundraising event at your school or youth group and would like to fundraise for The Dash Charity, we would love to hear from you. Kindly fill in the form below and we will send you a Fundraising Information Pack. We can assist you with ideas and provide you with information and support.

Please feel free to contact us should you need any further assistance or have any questions for our team. If you know of anyone in need, Our Helpline Is Available - 01753 549865
24hr National Domestic Violence Helpline: 0808 2000247